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This is my "Soup Can Music Machine"
I built this piece for a Warhol exhibit during Art Basel to draw attention to the gallery. Months of work went into getting this from the design table to completion, and worth every minute. 
The outer housing is solid Mahogany, no veneers or bent wood. Painted by hand on all four sides are Campbells soup can depictions at each opening.
Inside this machine is a six sided carrousel that spins slowly powered by a half horsepower motor and a drive belt system. In the carousel are six Warhol prints, as the carrousel spins the images continuously appear in each of the case openings.
Each opening is lit, illuminating each print as it spins by on every side.
The base is an antique diner table that I painted to compliment the piece.
Inside is a very powerful sound system that is not only bluetooth capable but has an AM/FM tuner and numerous auxilliary ports for MP3 type players plus USB ports.  It pumps music out of eight openings spaced equally throughout the case.
This functional mechanical art work stands almost six feet tall and three feet wide, the prints within it can be interchanged with whatever the user would like, if made using the same dimensions.
 The Soup Can Music Machine is an engineering success and a real attention getter!

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