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Video introduction


     I’m going to introduce you to a totally new kind of art, something with a combination of elements that you’ve never seen put together before. My name is Ray Fernandez, I’m a lifelong artist, woodworker and all around tinkerer, being able to put all my skills together in one package wasn’t only challenging but extremely satisfying.  
    Some of my pieces are built completely from scratch, for others I use antique radios that I stylize depending on the feel and inspiration I get from the original design. I only use radios that I purchase in nonworking, non-salvadgeable condition, and all the carcases need an enormous amount of restoration. When I do get the original nonworking tube radio parts I like to display them so the viewer can see what the technology of the time looked like and how far it has come. 
   My main objective with this form of art is to reach every single sense the viewer possesses, this is possible to achieve and I believe I have. Visually I use these structures as a canvas for my art, which is one of the main reasons I was inspired to follow this path. I also bring the entire piece together with the base, lights, mechanical movement and color scheme. The audio aspect of this is also very important to me, I love music and being able to incorporate it seamlessly is crucial. You can also touch, feel, lift and play with these units, this fills the textile senses. Get in close and you can smell the rich hardwoods, antique meshes, even the burning of the amps when you’re powering them up to the limit. 
     The dimension of time is also covered by my pieces, they take you back to a simpler era when things just moved along a bit slower. Finally, I try to reach the observers curiosity and sense of history, much of my work can teach you a few things about the past.

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