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50's TV

Introducing, "50's TV" !!
This mechanical work of art is a combination of metal, electronics, and wood designed to be my interpretation of a 1950's television. 
Four openings surrounded with speakers and dials dominate each side, designer blue and gold accent the beautiful rich mahogany. Open the massive top lid and you can see the inner workings of this piece as it functions
Inside this machine is an eight sided carrousel that spins slowly powered by a one horsepower motor and a drive belt system. In the carousel are eight of my Elvis  paintings, they are in sequence from his performance of "Hound Dog" on his first appearance on the Ed Sullivan show. As the carrousel spins the images continuously appear in each of the television openings.
Each opening is lit, illuminating each painting as it spins by on every side.
Inside is a very powerful sound system that is not only bluetooth capable but has numerous auxilliary ports for MP3 type players plus USB ports.  It pumps music out of eight 10 inch speakers, two on each side next to the TV's large openings.
This functional mechanical art work stands five feet tall and four feet wide, the paintings within it can be interchanged with whatever the user would like, if made using the same dimensions.
 From concept to completion this piece has countless hours of work in it, but it was a labor of love.

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