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  1948 Zenith Cobra 6R66

Star Wars Dark Side Raydio

This Is my 1948 Zenith Cobra Phonograph Model 6R866
I call it “ Star Wars Dark Side Raydio”
The shape and grill original to this model inspired me to design it this way. 
Painted on its sides and top  are,
 Darth Vader with one of his Storm Troopers
and Emperor Palpatine in all of his evilness.
The top or lid has my abstract interpretation of their Death Star.
The base design was styled to appear robotic like an Imperial Walker or otherwise known as an ATAT, but they are solid mahogany and housing this unit’s original tube radio parts. The radio pegs and mechanisms look like weapons and the original antennae structure finishes the rear of the enclosure.
Inside this Zenith now is a very powerful sound system that can be controlled using any Bluetooth capable device
Accenting this piece is a remote controlled LED lighting system to compliment the music played or the mood of the user. All these instruments can be accessed by lifting the units lid.
This is a functioning work of art that is not only a canvas for my paintings but also a piece that is fun and it will stimulate every single one of your senses.

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