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1945 Air King

 WWII Raydio

This is the controversial 1945 Air King
"World War II Raydio, War's End edition"
Rich Walnut and soft colors represent the end of the War and biginnining of peace while the paintings on it show the political powers in place at the time.   
Painted prominently on the top is Franklin Delano Roosevelt, he was the U.S. president. Winston Churchill was the British Prime Minister throughout the war, he's on one side while the infamous Adolf Hitler is on the other with the term "EVIL DEFEATED" printed across his left shoulder. Painting Adolf Hitler is a controversial issue I know, but he's part of this dark time in our history.
This piece sits on a small base i designed to compliment the radio and it houses the bulk of the electronics needed to power these units. All the instrumentation inside this piece, as well as all the other units, are accesible through well designed and built access doors in the rear.
This small Air King now has a powerful sound system that can be controlled using any Bluetooth capable device or the 4.5 inch touchscreen tablet fit into the front face.
The remote controlled LED lighting system surrounds and illuminates the shadow box opening of the front speaker and the circular pattern holes of the top speaker  
Although a bit controversial, this piece gives you a glimpse of our victory during this tough time in history, accompanied by great sound

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