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1938 RCA Victor B274

This Is a 1938 RCA Victor Model B274
I call it “ Humidor Music Machine"
This is a cigar aficionado inspired piece, I used rich black paint and a dark wood motif to embody a cigar lounge feeling. 
Painted on one side is an old man sitting at a cafe smoking a cigar, I sat and drew him on eight street in Miami, he didn't seem to mind after i told him what It was for. Above him is an image of the Cuban cigar company Partagas, which is one of the oldest on the island and historic. The other side has an old Cuban cigar five cent ad, beneath this is a figure smoking a cigar. 
The base is an antique humidor from 1926, I was able to fit into it the original tube radio unit for display, I want the viewer to see how ingenious the technology of the time was. Apart from restoring this humidor, I elevated it with a separate base for lift and to protect it's fragile legs.
Inside this RCA is a powerful sound system that can be controlled using any Bluetooth capable device.
Accenting it is a remote controlled LED lighting system to compliment the music played or the mood of the user. The light projects through the antique radio speaker fabric which i was able to save and reuse.
This is a functioning work of art that is not only a canvas for my paintings but also a piece that will reach every single one of your senses, including your sense of history and it will even store your cigars.

RCA Vivtor B274

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