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1937 Sparton 617

Introducing the 1937 sparton model 617
I call "The Sparton Music Machine"
I painstakingly restored the wood casing on this unit and replaced the area where the originally front speaker was, which was damaged beyond repair, with a 10 inch touch screen tablet. 
The original Sparton dial has a beautiful patina and crackling only eighty years of use could achieve, with its glass and dial still in tact. It's lit from behind to show off this feature.  
Shirley Temple was such a sensation in 1937 I decided to showcase her on top. Groucho Marx was the funny man of the time and Marlene Dietrich was the heart throb pin up girl, they are painted on the sides
The base is solid mahogany built to display the original tube parts, I enlarged the sparton dial, placed it behind glass at the bottom then back lit it to mirror the original dial above. 
Inside this Sparton now is a powerful sound system that can be controlled using any Bluetooth capable device or the 10 inch touchscreen tablet.
Accenting this piece above and below is a remote controlled LED lighting system that compliments the music played or the mood of the user.
All the instruments are accessible through the elegant and well engineered rear access doors.
This is a very elegant piece, a timeless design with an impecable restoration and retrofit, a truly unique one of a kind form of art. 

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