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1937 Philco 37-10

This Is my 1937 Philco Model 37-610
I call it “ Deco 37-610” 
The paint scheme I used  and the design of the radio are Deco influenced.  
All these units are primarily a canvas for my art, painted on the sides of this beautiful unit are two of the most popular performers  of 1937,
The incredible dancer, performer Fred Astaire
And orchestra genius Benny Goodman
The base is a combination of iron and wood representing the industrial revolution of the time and designed to display this unit’s original tube radio.
Inside this Philco now is a powerful sound system that can be controlled using any Bluetooth capable device or this 4.5 inch touchscreen tablet.
Accenting this piece is a remote controlled LED lighting system to compliment the music played or the mood of the user.
I welcome you to sit back and enjoy the art, music and feel of this wonderful and historic work of art.

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