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1936 Setchel Carlson

This piece is a 1936 Setchel Carlson Model 251
I call it “ Free Form Tombstone” These old radios were dubbed Tombstone radios because their shapes do resemble a tombstone. 
It's painted with a combination of yellow and blue I blended together along with musical notes flowing around the top and sides 
The base is designed and constructed to flow with the radio's feel, I used the original tube radio unit to support the Radio box since it was surrounded with a sturdy frame. I wanted to showcase the original dial so I covered with glass to display and protect it.
Inside this Tombstone now is a powerful sound system that can be controlled using any Bluetooth capable device or this 4.5 inch touchscreen tablet.
Accenting this piece is a remote controlled LED lighting system to compliment the music played or the mood of the user. This unit was missing the original screen so I designed this wood screen structure to replace it, it allows the streaming light  to flow in and through it.
This fun, elegant work of art is also a history invoking timeless and functional unit with a great look and sound. 

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