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1936 Philco 625J

  Urban Raydio

The 1936 Philco 625J
"Urban Raydio"
This is a large free standing floor model that I acquired empty with the wood case  in poor condition. I decided to go in a different more playful direction with this one, it's painted to look like murals on on an old abandoned building with bright yellows, reds and orange.   
Fitted within this unit now is a ground shaking sound system including a 10 inch subwoofer with It's own separete amplifier, all controllable via bluetooth or the 7 inch touchscreen tablet prominently displayed on the front.
A remote controlled sound activated LED lighting system built into two columns facing forward, compliment the music played or the mood of the user.
This is a functioning work of art that your neighbors will kindly ask you to turn down the volume on when it's played.

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