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1934 Delco 1106

Next is a 1934 Delco model 1106
I'm calling this one "Historic Music Machine" because displayed are several more elements from the radio"s time period
Deep gold, deco green and rich dark wood trim the look and accent the original speaker mesh stretched over it's pristine radio dial. 
These pieces are my canvases, and painted the sides of this one are two of the most popular performers  of 1937,
The incmparable Bing Crosby and
Duke Ellington, if you think you've never heard Duke Ellington you may recognize the music when you do, either way you'll really enjoy his sound.
A solid mahogany dove tailed base supports the piece and displays the original tube radio, it also highlights this era's historical happenings. Six LED backlit openings complete the base, the two on the front show The movies Gone With The Wind and King Kong which were box office hits in 1937. The latteral sides display images related to the great Depression and the epic saga between Al Capone and Elliot Ness.
This Delco has a very powerful sound system that can be controlled using any Bluetooth capable device.
Sound activated remote controlled LED lighting accents every bit of this piece, completing its look and feel.
This functioning work of art gives you a quick but thorough look at the 30's while the sound system reminds you you're in the present. 

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