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Danieli 3
Paul Fisher neil London
Super car Week West palm Beach
Super car 2
Danieli 2
BOX 33
BOX 20
BOX 30
BOX 12
BOX 14
BOX 24
BOX 22
Amso 25
Amso 41
amso 1
Amso 7
Amso 5
Amso 2
Amso 4
Amso 17
Amso 29
Amso 32
Amso 53
Amso 6
Amso 12
Amso 18
Amso 45
Amso 20
Amso 33
Amso 19
Amso 15
Amso 28
Amso 23
Amso 30
Group picture
AC Fine Art long term exhibit Mayfai
With Steve Steele Overture exhibit
With Courtney Overture Exhibit
Me and my asssistant
A moment with Courtney
Runway shot
Steeve Steele AC Fine Artsite
My models Courtney and Whitney.
AC Fine Art
AC Fine Artsite
Isa and friends. ISA Boutique.
Andrew Waters and Steeve.
Andrew waters Rik Rak salon.
#mysemicolon and Rekindle
One Wall
Most important Supercar Week pic so far

Artist Statement

Raymond Fernandez


     The technique I use for my paintings can best be described as oil on wood panel. Although I can paint traditionally using many mediums, I feel there have been and still are many incredible artists that have already mastered these.  I decided to develop something that isn’t traditional and how I complete the final product involves a combination of skills developed on my own over many years. I do this not only on two dimensional surfaces but also on complex mechanical fabrications I build completely from scratch and installations involving vintage radios I acquire in non-working and usually completely non-salvageable condition. I’m always thinking about and developing my next series, even while working on my present one.

     My style leans more toward the realistic, you’ll know what you’re looking at, but how that image sits on its numerous surfaces is what you’ll remember.

     My need to create is constant, I’m either thinking about my next project, drawing it up, figuring out how to solve a current obstacle, or working on one at all hours of the night. I try to find ways to bring everything together in a format that will interact with all the senses including sight, sound, smell, touch and even history. I don’t know why, but I’ve always felt great satisfaction from the creative process and it is my passion.

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